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Veda Wound Care delivers an integrated management pathway with positive patient outcomes altogether phases of complex wound healing. Our innovative technologies offer an entire portfolio of patient and user-friendly products to effectively remove bacteria and exudate, help rebuild tissue, reduce pressure or edema, and restore blood flow to successfully manage difficult wounds.

Vascular ulcers are chronic, or long-term breaches within the skin caused by problems with the system also referred to as the cardiovascular system.

Vascular ulcers have the potential to be dangerous. they’ll not heal normally and may cause an increased risk of infection. Thanks to related medical problems, patients with vascular ulcers may have little or no sensation within the ulcer area. Therefore, you’ll not notice a vascular ulcer until it’s progressed to the purpose of becoming large and/or infected.

Types of Vascular Ulcers

The two major sorts of vascular ulcers are venous ulcers and arterial ulcers. Both sorts of these ulcers can originate from wounds or sustained pressure.

Venous ulcers are related to problems together with your veins and most ordinarily appear in your lower legs and ankles. They’re sometimes called stasis or varicose ulcers. About 80 percent of leg ulcers are venous ulcers. Arterial, or ischemic, ulcers are thanks to issues with the arteries that limit the availability of blood to the legs. These issues could also be fat blockages within the arteries, diabetes, and / or certain infections.

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